What kind of code sweeper is reliable?

Friday, August 30, 2019

One of the most important achievements in modern logistics is the invention and widespread use of bar codes. The purpose of the scanning gun is to make the bar code more efficient and faster. Therefore, in order to improve production efficiency and work quality, many logistics companies have started to equip their employees with code scanning guns. Then, what kind of code scanning guns are worthy of consumers' trust in detail?



Having a strong earthquake resistance capability

Employees of logistics companies spend most of their working day in cars and carry around code sweepers, and sometimes the roads are so bad that the cars shake up and down and the cars get really bumpy. Therefore, only those products with good seismic resistance can be used normally in this environment.

Having strong dustproof ability

Is not only a logistics company and other scan code gun industrial enterprise the overall situation of the same user's work environment is bad, a lot of the time may need in a dense area of dust particles in the air for use work, so only those who are able to have more better dustproof function of series of products just reflected sweep code gun up.

Third, has the strong anti-fall ability

In the parameters of the sweep code gun among a series of index data anti-throw product function also occupies the most important position, generally those with industrial protection grade and code gun in anti-throw performance is better, so for those who need to often use outdoors anti-throw ability for customers of products is reliable.

Sum up if you want to pick out a gun can be worth customer trust and yards from the three aspects of indicators, also refers to the customer in the process of choice to choose to have strong seismic ability which is suitable for more bumpy condition, also should choose to have stronger dust prevention ability and the ability to resist falling sweep code gun which can adapt to outdoor work environment.


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