About Us

Shenzhen xingtong Internet of things technology co., ltd. was founded on May 7, 2013 with registered capital of 20 million yuan. The company has excellent professional talents and the elite team who dare to strive, and the r&d personnel account for about 70% of the company. We strive for the development of the enterprise with persistent professional spirit, rich innovation ability and rigorous working attitude.


The company mainly develops, produces and sells barcode equipment:


1. Barcode scanning gun, wireless scanning gun, laser scanning platform, two-dimensional code scanning gun, two-dimensional code scanning platform, one-dimensional and two-dimensional scanning module;


2, and undertake customer OEM, ODM design and development.


As a strategic emerging industry as the leading the high growth of innovative enterprises, xing tong has a strong independent research and development, production and design ability, has obtained a patent for invention, the patent for utility model, the software copyright, etc. More than 90 (19) for a patent for invention, and relying on the powerful r&d technical team can provide users with embedded products design, development, implementation of system integration, automation engineering services. Xingtong takes the specialty as the foundation, the service as the guarantee, the quality as the prestige, relies on the reliable product quality, the unceasing innovation research and development strength, the good after-sales service wins the general user's approval.

Research and development center
XTIOT-研发团队 公司成立之初就设立了研发中心,专注于条形码扫描设备的设计与制造。 技术中心和管理团队,核心人员,均具有十余年的行业经验,在理论和实践方面具有丰富的经验。 凝聚了在条码扫描领域具有丰富经验的设计和制造的专业团队。 目前,研发中心,软件,硬件,结构,过程制造,测试等方面的专业团队占公司人员的35%。... next...